The Fiber Fueled Cookbook: Inspiring Plant-Based Recipes to Turbocharge Your Health

This must-have cookbook will inspire you with deeply flavored, satisfying plant-based recipes that make the Fiber Fueled lifestyle delightful and inviting. The Fiber Fueled Cookbook is a groundbreaking therapeutic plan for those suffering from food sensitivities who have been struggling to manage symptoms.

It can be your tool for reaching out to anyone who is been there, and showing you a pathway you can incorporate into your life, one that allows you to achieve your goals health-wise, using the power of plants.

The author, gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz explains how to heal your leaky gut, and the essential role of short-chain fatty acids in illness; how they are linked with your immune system, and how they can protect against cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. In the first segment, Fiber Fueled Cookbook also explains how eating fiber causes the microbiome to produce short-chain fatty acids, which are important for our health. When your gut microbes feast on prebiotic fiber, they will reward you by producing short-chain fatty acids.

Will Bulsiewicz has been preaching about fibers importance so frequently with his patients, that he is written a book about it, The Fiber Fueled, so even more people can get educated about it is role. Just as Will Bulsiewicz advises foods that promote gut health, he also advises a few big ones that should be avoided. He usually puts a base of bananas, kale, and a handful of frozen berries into his smoothies, and then leans on the other ingredients for extra flavour and fiber. He applies all of the principles of a Fiber-Full Diet into a cookbook that is beautiful as well as functional.

Bacteria are what create our microbiome, and most of those microbes are pretty great, especially if you are eating right. Interestingly, when people study immune diseases, they have always found the damage to gut bacteria. If you remove one food group forever, the microbes that thrive on that food group will starve to death. The choices of food that you make over twenty-four hours change the evolution of fifty generations of microbes. Reading Fiber Fuel will inspires you to alter your eating habits, include more plants in your daily diet, and consume a greater diversity of foods.

In fact, the people who need the most fiber are the people who are going to have the hardest time getting it. Among all the plant foods, beans are among the highest fiber.

The key, once again, comes in not just starting off the day with a high-fiber meal, but making sure that it comes from a variety of sources. With a 28-day jumping-start program featuring menus and more than 70 plant-based recipes, plus important tips for food sensitivities and a comprehensive grocery list, Fiber Fueled Cookbook offers a template to begin turbocharging your gut for lifelong health. In it, you will learn The GROWTH Strategy, a revolutionary method that helps listeners deconstruct what is causing their GI issues, and uncover real solutions tailored to their individual needs.

A lot of people on Fiber Fueled are people who are struggling with various food sensitivities, and they are, for whatever reason, cutting out plants thinking it may be an issue, cutting that out. This cookbook – might change your thought about it. Get your copy of The Fiber Fueled Cookbook now.

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