A Kick-start

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yes, this is a kick-start and the first post for Book Digests. And when I’m typing this article, the question that mingling around in my head is – why I’m starting this site?

It’s kinda weird to give the question back to myself but starting this site is – in fact, some kind of inspiration that I would like to build inside me – to be back on reading books.

I have passion in reading books – no matter which genre it is since I was a small kid. I got the trait from my dad who is a reading enthusiast and loves to buy various books for his rack in our house. I read quite a number of books from fiction to philosophy, motivation and politics and I slowly realized that reading various kinds of books designed the pattern of my thought.

However since I started blogging and working on online projects in 2008 and changed my direction to online materials, the passion of enjoying books that we can hold and enjoy when flipping the pages – had slowly gone. When I felt tired of blogging due to pushing myself too hard on pursuing the performance, I took awhile to rest and go offline and I started to realize that leaving behind  my valuable reading hobby is a great mistake for me.

And that’s how I came to the idea and intention of running this site – Book Digests where we’ll consume every (or at least almost) words that we read.

I’m currently try to get my hands back on the books and this site will be a place for reviews and discussions on various books! Hope it will benefit all of us and stay tuned!

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Reading books helps you to lit the light in yourself. I love reading various types of books especially my favorite – A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson!
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