Compelling People: The Hidden Qualities That Make Us Influential

In business – influence gives us authority and power. Thus we sometimes need to question ourselves – When people see us, what are they seeing?

Most people never notice the signals they are receiving. In business – people are judging us. That is why Neffinger and Kohut, communications strategists and presentation coaches stated that initial character judgments are based on 2 traits which are strength and warmth.

Everyone desires to know how to be more appealing and effective. However most people don’t assume that we can have the charm of influential people like Oprah Winfrey.

Drawing lines on cutting-edge social science research with their works on Fortune 500 executives, members of Congress and Nobel Prize winners, Matt Kohut and John Neffinger demystify the usual method to create influence. The authors explain the inner workings of each, the stress that produces it and the successful ways to win respect and affection.

The central point of this book is based on how they (the persons who look at you) feel about you. Once you recognize your strength and warmth signals are, you’ll be able to learn to modulate them to attach better with individuals and influence them. The authors have compiled some of the most effective practices for presenting your best self to the world from the perspectives of psychology, neuroscience and political science.

The principals of a communications firm reveal the methods that they use to teach corporate and political clients. This book aims to help people become aware of the ways that that they communicate non verbally through tone of voice and posture and in the same time improve their ability to read the body language of others.

As every people exhibit their heat qualities, the authors found through numerous studies and analysis that we have a tendency to typically fail to utilize the proper amounts of these qualities. This is as a result of these qualities can become negative if not well balanced.

Strength and warmth are controllable traits that we use in every interaction we have through our tone of voice, the words we use, how we walk and what we wear.

This book helps us to become more aware of traits that we might overlooked in ourselves.

I found the content valuable and I love how the authors manage to send amazing in an inviting approach. This book is straightforward and enjoyable. Truly an interesting business book.

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