Milk. Made: A Book About Cheese. How to Choose it, Serve it & Eat it.

Milk. Made: A Book About Cheese. How to Choose it, Serve it & Eat it. post image

Here comes the ultimate guide to cheese-making & the best cheeses of the world – Milk.Made.

This book brings you the comprehensive tour of cheese-making and eating which presents the practices of production to the best recipes from various cultures.

Beautifully photographed by accompanying photographer Alan Benson, Milk.Made also includes interviews with some of the most inspiring and internationally renowned cheesemakers & cheese connoisseurs in Australia, France, the UK, Switzerland, and the US, some of them are Mother Noella Marcellino & Carlos Petrini.

You will find sections on the key types of cheese, its history as well as how to make, store and serve it. For those who don’t have any intention to make but simply enjoy eating it, Milk. Made. includes 60 comprehensive recipes from cheese such as onion soup with grilled cheese croutons, croque monsieur, classic fondue and many more.

The author – Nick Haddow is the founder of Bruny Island Cheese Company on Bruny Island. He first worked at the internationally recognized Pyengana Dairy before moving on to his own business in 2003.

This book has also won the single subject book category at the 2017 James Beard Awards in Los Angeles.

If cheese is your thing, Milk. Made. Is for you. Get your copy now.

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