Wave: Fast, Furious & Amazing Storytelling

In an amazing way of storytelling, Sonali Deraniyagala brings the readers into the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami which horrifically snatched everything from her. She shrieks and grieves brazenly, angrily and for years she remains shocked and staggered before slowly permits herself to remember and start to share vivid glimpses of her past.

This book shows the absolute darkness of humans when they face the unthinkable natural disasters. Presented with honest and such vivid description about virtually each single detail of the tsunami incident encountered by the author.

You can see, hear, and smell 2 rowdy little boys, their brotherly scuffling, their muddy shoes and grass stains. Somehow troublesome to be explained and tricky to be advocated, this is a such a wondrous book. Deraniyagala slowly pieces along the weather that represent the she lost. And she brings them back. So brave – and beautiful.

The author talks intimately about her days, months & years following the loss of her family. It has been said that humans cannot grasp the horror of thousands of deaths but can return to perceive it by learning a story thorough. This book puts truth to the perception.

We humans have become injured by the overwhelming range of stories of horror and tragedy. Perhaps we tend to have sweep everything from our memories. However we have to keep in mind that in the end – we are the one who will decide for ourselves to survive. This book taught us that without belief – we are helpless.

In a nutshell This book – Wave – is basically regarding how precious the moments of our lives are and how everything will be turned sideways and the wrong way up during a matter of moments. Real. Full of courage. Wondrous.

You will feel the change.

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