Creating Innovation with The LEGO Ideas Book

This book is compiled from models by 6 Lego builders, each tackling bound themes – including planes, trains & vehicles, city & country, a world of journey and build and keep. A list of Lego elements used is shown with each of these sections.

Now with The LEGO Ideas Book, you can take what you have already got and create something new! Hints and tips from Master Builders can facilitate you to switch your classic car into a race automobile or add a bridge to your castle! Don’t be concerned if you haven’t got all the bricks you would like: this book conjointly shows a way to simplify details, creating this a nice user-friendly guide for any building ability.

Featuring all-new LEGO building comes, tips to supplement and enhance your LEGO creations, inspirational builds, and skilled recommendation from LEGO Master Builders, The LEGO Concepts Book will keep youngsters of all ages creating their innovation for hours.

Every of the sections starts out with a two page unfold of useful components which will be used to create creations in that section. I found that even these pages gave me ideas and began me thinking on how a specific half might be used.

After that you’ll notice a variety of creations fantastically photographed, usually with multiple views that return in handy if you are making an attempt to reverse engineer one in every of the creations so that you can build it yourself. I cannot tell you the way several times I’ve checked out a LEGO truck and needed I might see how the frame was designed. The multiple angle photos during this book facilitate so that you won’t expertise that drawback.

At the end of each section, you’ll find a few pages where you “Meet the Builder.” These embody some interview vogue questions where you learn about the builder who wrote a specific section of the book. I was stunned to seek out that one amongst the builders are mostly 18!

I suppose LEGO fans of all ages will get pleasure from the book, however young children may have to spend some time handling the book because of its size. The lack of instructions also mean that it’s most likely additional suited to an experienced LEGO builder – either an older child or a parent who enjoys building with younger youngsters. My six year previous son enjoys paging through the book, however it is a bit much for my 3 year recent to handle. Neither would be in a position to build something during this book without my help.

Overall, I think this can be another great book choice to inspire LEGO builders – however keep in mind this book is about concepts and imagination – and you can’t write instructions for that!

Get a copy of The LEGO Ideas Book now and let your children create their own world of innovation and creativity!

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