Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption brings the readers to the gory details of the war and therefore the travails of American soldiers. This book is unquestionably a must-read. This is nonetheless another concrete proof of the valor and unwavering spirit of American soldiers.

The story is that of Louis Zamperini – a track and field star of the 1930’s, who participated in the Berlin Olympics, was a part of the US air force in WWII, was shot down over the ocean, was adrift within the Pacific for over a month, was held as a POW by the Japanese forces and eventually made it back to his life and has had the courage to measure it to its fullest.

Hillenbrand is a marvelous author. She is one of a few authors who can write a non fiction story in the foremost gripping and vivid method imaginable. Instead of being flowery or overly embellished her prose depends squarely on analysis and on witness accounts and yet manages to never be boring. The swiftly moving story takes the reader from Zamperini’s early beginnings, his swift rise to trace star, the Berlin Olympics and then to the World War.

Hillenbrand settles in for the end of the day here and we tend to get to determine the air force and also the B24 bombers through the words of the lads who truly flew them. The sequences where Zamperini and his friend Phil are adrift at sea are vivid and unusually superbly described. There is always a robust sense of the respect the author holds for the men whose story she is being allowed to tell.

Based on statistics and military reports from each sides of the war, Hillenbrands book paints a clear image of the hellish conditions that the POW’s endured and the utter madness of the war that was being waged in the Pacific. This could be a laborious story to scan however one that’s well worth it. The falling apart of Louie’s life and his slow path to regaining his life and sense of purpose may be a story that’s really inspiring.

While our attention is drawn to the increasing body count in Afghanistan, it is quite unfortunate and frustrating that the death of some 700 WWII veterans daily doesn’t appear to stir us from our stupor. It is a good issue that Laura Hillenbrand was ready to reach Louis Zamperini, already an octogenarian, to learn concerning what might be considered one of the foremost unimaginable war stories so far.

History has maybe targeted its eye too exclusively on the war in Europe to the extent where true within the Pacific and therefore the plight of POW’s there has not received the attention and also the respect it deserves. Hillenbrand’s book and detailed analysis definitely makes a strong attempt to vary that.

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  1. Hi. I have not read a book for years, sadly my eyes started to fail me, a sign of old age, and I was too lazy to get glassed. I did not want to admit to getting old. Anyhow recently I have started reading books again, and heard about this one, by somebody at work whose mother was reading it. They suggested it as part of a work book reading suggestion program we have. I have not had a chance to get the book, or to read it but was looking for it on line and thus I found your link.
    I use to read a lot more when I was in college. I like fantasy books too, but factual books, or books that have a factual element are really eye opening to life and history. Thanks so much for your review on this book

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