Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton

“All of us face hard choices in our lives. Life is about making such choices. Our choices and how we handle them shape the people we become.”Hillary Rodham Clinton

In the aftermath of 2008 presidential run, she expected to come to representing New York within the United States Senate. However to her surprise, her former rival for the Democratic Party nomination – newly elected President Barack Obama, asked her to serve in his administration as Secretary of State. This memoir is the story of the extraordinary and historic years that followed and the challenges she confronted with her colleagues.

It’s not simple to imagine how the author of this book snapping concerning much of something. The tone is straightforward and confident.

It starts after the 2008 election with Clinton feeling like she let her supporters down but anxious to repair relations with Obama. She portrays her relationship along with her opponent as brusque however cordial like the opposing football coaches greeting every different when a game however she describes the two of them like teenagers on a initial date after Obama beaten her.

Secretary Clinton’s descriptions of diplomatic conversations at the very best levels provides the readers a master class in international relations, as does her analysis of how we tend to will best use “smart power” to deliver security and prosperity in a very rapidly changing world—one in which America remains the indispensable nation.

This is not a book from somebody who has nothing to lose.

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